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November 9,10,and 11,2000

Welcome! This is Cue Drama Club's site, the official actors' club of La Salle Green Hills High School

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HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME Presented successfully!
CUE "s latest production, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" was a huge success! This stage adaptation of Victor Hugo's famous novel was written by Virginia Natividad, and was choreographed by Jordan Punsalang, with Mikko Ordonez as our musical director.

CUE Drama Club is looking for inerested parties to place their ads on the souvenir program of their next stage play "WEST SIDE STORY" Please get in touch with Mrs. Virginia Natividad:

Some highlights from past production "HUNCHBack Of Notre Dame"

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Mrs. Pet Nieto, a Christian Living teacher in the lower years, was tapped by Mrs. Ginny to play the part of Esmeralda's crazy mother. Mr. Antonil, on the other hand, played the role of Frollo, Quasimodo's cruel master who sets his eyes upon the beautidul Esmeralda .Mike Salomon ,a sophomore, was great as his alternate for the lower yrs. presentation. Other teachers in this play were Ms. Cheryl Joaquin, Mrs. Tina Cuera, Ms. Flor Malicdem, etc.

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Watch out for our coming shows!

WEST SIDE STORY" in November!

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Welcome to the official home page of the CUE Drama Club of La Salle Greenhills. Discover the club's past, present and future as you explore this site. Please take time to sign our message board!

Cue Drama Club ??e club aims to promote theater consciousness among the young high school students and for them to discover the world of the drama, which requires not only artistry but also craftmanship in the disciplines of acting, directing, singing, composing, writing, building, designing and technology.


The Partial Members List of CUE 1999-2000

Company Headquarters:
La Salle Greenhills High School Dept.,
Ortigas Ave. Mandaluyong, Philippines 1502

??yright 1999. All articles, photos, and other materials found in this web site belong to the LSGH CUE Drama Club.

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